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More than 40+ completed projects. Trusted by well established businesses.
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I will be with you every step of the way from Branding to Deployment. That's a promise.
See your ideas turn into reality. With my expertise in Adobe Suite (Graphics, Video Editing, Motion Graphics), Full-Stack Development and Mobile Application Development, I will listen to your needs and provide exactly what you require.
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I take care of my clients, they take care of my reputation.
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Nothing is broken beyond repair in the world of computers. If you need a fix or need to add additional features that seems overwhelming, I am here. Send me a message with everything you need to customize.

I see that you have stumbled upon my web portfolio. I am Taseen, a second year Computer Science student at the University of Saskatchewan. I have been in love with computers since age 3 and I have been coding for over 12 years now. It gives me immense joy to understand both humans and computers and link both worlds through my skills. I love solving critical problems and I do it everyday with passion and sheer dedication.
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